WATCH: Naked bandits steal beef, leave their briefs at Florida restaurant – National

Three men broke into a Florida restaurant Sunday, took some beef – and left behind their briefs.

That’s the bizarre situation facing Lou Bangert, the General Manager of Doc’s Beach House in Bonita Springs, Florida.

After his establishment was broken into and some of his food stolen, he checked the security camera footage.

He discovered the three men who broke into his eatery did so in their underwear – before stripping down to nothing but their birthday suits.

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“I said ‘Oh my God, they have no clothes on!’” Bangert told WINK-TV in Florida. “That to me was the strangest part of all.”

Late Sunday evening, police say the three men forced their way in through the restaurant’s back door and began stealing food: three cases of hamburger meat, some red bell peppers, and a pan of bacon.

But before they did, the naked ne’er-do-well’s decided their boxer-briefs were just too restrictive for a caper of this magnitude – and took them off.

To their credit, the in-the-buff bandits did disable one of the restaurant’s security cameras.

Unfortunately, they completely missed the second camera, which captured every moment of both their crime, and their complete lack of shame.

“No one in a normal state of mind is going to break into a restaurant, half naked, and then leave naked with a bunch of hamburger meat.” said Trish Routte of Crime Stoppers.

Despite the strange nature of the break-in, it is still a crime, and local police are urging anyone who recognizes the beef bandits to call them immediately.