Two towers proposed for Metrotown stir controversy

WATCH: People in Burnaby are speaking out about a proposal for more towers near Metrotown. Grace Ke reports. 

Two new towers are being proposed near Metrotown, but some local residents are not happy about the changing face of their neighbourhood.

The Gold House Development is proposed one block south of the shopping centre and will include 41 and 26 storey towers with additional townhouses and commercial office space.

The latest project to go before council got a public hearing last night.

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The project is using a density bonus provision to try to get zoning approved.

“It is obvious that if we don’t do something about creating greater density in the urban areas, it will create sprawl into our agricultural areas and the green zone,” says Burnaby mayor Derek Corrigan.

Corrigan says under the density bonus provision the city also gets density bonus funds.

Eighty percent goes towards future neighbourhood amenities and 20 percent goes towards the city’s housing fund.

Corrigan says the additional profits result in more amenities and opportunity to build libraries, recreational facilities and community centres.

But community activist Rick McGowan says he is worried about gentrification.

“The people in medium-density apartments get evicted at some point, and then they can’t afford to live in the neighbourhood and they will leave the community,” he says. “It is a concern for me.”

A second hearing will be held at the end of August.

With files from Grace Ke