Top 10 cheapest places to travel in the United States

CALGARY- Those heading stateside may be wise to head as far south as possible if money is a concern.

MoneySense magazine and TripAdvisor partnered up to determine the cheapest U.S. cities to visit, and seven of the top 10 are in the southern United States.

The study looked at the cost of things like hotel rooms, taxis, dinner and cocktails, to figure out how much a night on the town sets the average traveller back.

By far the cheapest place to book a room is Las Vegas, which costs an average of $139 USD per night. If you fancy a couple of drinks, Minneapolis, Minnesota is your place, with the price for two cocktails coming in at $20.

Dinner is cheapest in Atlanta, Georgia, costing an average of $72.70 per couple, while a return taxi trip is the best bargain in Denver, Colorado at just $15.64.

Click on the gallery below to see the top 10 rankings.

#10: Denver, Colorado: $366.38

#9: Minneapolis, Minnesota: $354.50

#8: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: $352.43

#7: Dallas, Texas: $339.09

#6: Houston, Texas: $338.25

#5: New Orleans, Louisiana: $323.36

#4: Orlando, Florida: $322.99

#3: Atlanta, Georgia: $314.31

#2: Miami, Florida: $311.29

#1: Las Vegas, Nevada: $276.03



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