Lethbridge parking wars – Lethbridge

It’s becoming an epidemic. Many cars in Lethbridge can’t seem to park between the lines and now there’s a Facebook page dedicated to exposing those who are parking illegally. When Lethbridge drivers pull into a parking stall, or on the side of a street they’re being watched. Not just by the police, but also by the citizens of Lethbridge.

Trevor Hollihan founded the Facebook page called “Lethbridge Parking Wars” in an effort to expose bad parking in the city.

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“I’ve noticed a lot of bad parking in Lethbridge and there’s no real way to vent your frustrations so I made this page. You can upload it by your phone. Put the photo up and expose bad parkers in Lethbridge.”

What started as a small Facebook page has quickly turned into the scourge of bad drivers across the city. Now with over 1200 followers, drivers never know when they might get busted. But some Citizens feel if you park illegally a little humiliation isn’t a bad thing.

“I think I would feel angry at first, then I think I would really just feel ashamed of what I did. So I would be angry more at myself then the person taking the picture of me.”

Another Citizen just wants his privacy protected saying,

“I believe people shouldn’t illegally park ok, but it’s a bit underhanded to put it on Facebook. I mean I thought there were privacy laws.”

The photos on the Facebook page are endless. From the popular over the line park job, to the fire hydrant special. Everyone seems to have a favorite.

“There’s a guy who’s parked up on top of a curb. he’s on top of one of those medians, and he’s right up on top of it. it’s just wild, some things people do just blow my mind.

So next time when rolling into a parking spot half halfheartedly, realize this, it’s not just the men with the badges watching.