Iconic view of Mahone Bay could change with new cell tower – Halifax

HALIFAX – A trademark view in Mahone Bay could soon look very different if a proposed new cell phone tower is erected north of the town.

Bell Mobility wants to replace an existing tower in the midst of three prominent churches that span the waterfront along Mahone Bay. It’s a view that’s a constant focal point for locals and tourists.

The current tower stands 24 metres tall and doesn’t extend past the treeline, but the new one will be 60 metres tall.

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Pat Thomas, a tourist visiting from North Carolina, said the current view is “quite lovely and very peaceful”. Her husband Bill said a taller tower would detract from that.

“I think it would really ruin the view, I wouldn’t be in favour of that at all,” he said.

Mark Lazarak, who is visiting Nova Scotia from Montreal with his family, said the proposed tower would be “devastating” to the view.

“[Now] it’s beautiful, it’s unique, it’s scenic,” he said. “A tower should be put somewhere behind where no one can see it.”

Tim Worthington, who has owned and operated Birdsall-Worthington Pottery in Mahone Bay since 1977, said he can’t imagine taking a picture of the three churches if a large cell phone tower were visible in the background.

“It’s recognized all over Canada and probably North America, so I just can’t believe that that would be a considered,” he said. “It would be like putting a Burger King in from of Mount Rushmore.”

Local business owners like Worthington say the proposed placement of the tower could have an impact on tourism.

“I think the effects of that would be felt over a long period of time,” he said.