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East Vancouver marijuana shop searched by Vancouver Police – BC

WATCH: Vancouver Police shut down a marijuana store for allegedly supplying weed to people selling to kids.

Vancouver Police paid a visit to a popular eastside pot store Thursday afternoon.

Officers armed with a search warrant entered the Jim’s Weeds Lounge at 882 East Hastings Street after reports that marijuana was being bought at the store and allegedly sold to youth in the area.

Five customers and three staff in the store were “identified” according to police. They were later released. No arrests were made.

Cards advertising deals on marijuana were reportedly being handed out at Waterfront Station on Wednesday.

The store is currently advertising somewhat of a blowout sale on their Facebook page, saying they are “rolling back prices.”

In June, they ran a Facebook page contest, giving away two free 1 oz. samples of “premium BC bud” to two of their Facebook fans.

Jim’s Weeds Lounge on Facebook.

Jim’s Weeds Lounge on Facebook.

Jim’s Weeds Lounge on Facebook.

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“The VPD will continue to respond to any complaints about illegal marijuana use and sales and decide if further investigation or enforcement action is required. Our priority remains focusing on violent drug traffickers and those who prey on youth, the marginalized or the drug addicted,” reads a statement from the Vancouver Police Department.

“Our frontline officers will continue to use discretion enforcing the possession and consumption of marijuana under federal law. Options include criminal charges, seizures and violation tickets for smoking under the city bylaws.”

Pressure to legalize the sale of marijuana has been building in B.C., especially after the start of legal marijuana sales in Washington state.

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Manitoba chief says he’ll fight allegations – Winnipeg

WINNIPEG – One of Manitoba’s top chiefs says he will fight accusations he spent his organization’s cash on guitars and trips with his girlfriend.

Grand Chief David Harper, who represents Manitoba’s northern reserves, says he hasn’t done anything wrong.

Harper says he hasn’t been suspended and is working to clear his name.

He says he’s requested all the transactions in question and is taking the coming week to get to the bottom of the charges.

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Harper acknowledges he does travel with his girlfriend, but says any extra costs are deducted from his paycheque.

He says the guitars that were purchased were bought as gifts for a Christmas party and not for his own personal use.

The grand chief said he sometimes travels with other staff at Manitoba Keewatinowi Okimakanak, who may have racked up some of the charges.

The organization, which represents some of the province’s poorest reserves, is undergoing an audit. Harper said he’s resisting calls to step down voluntarily and the organization has no mechanism to force him to leave.

Although chiefs could put forward a vote of non-confidence motion in his leadership, Harper said that hasn’t happened.

“I want to make sure my name is cleared,” he said Thursday. “All my personal transactions that were made public, I want to clear those. I told the chiefs I’ll be making my report to the executive within a week.”

Harper has been grand chief since 2009 and is host of the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs national chief election in December.

He rose to national prominence during the outbreak of H1N1 when he denounced the federal government for sending body bags to flu-stricken reserves rather than resources to fight the illness.

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Stay away from bats: Vancouver Coastal Health – BC

Vancouver Coastal Health is warning people in the Lower Mainland to beware of bats that can carry potentially fatal rabies virus.

Rabies affects the central nervous system and can be fatal.

Bats can transmit the disease to humans when their saliva comes into contact with a person’s mucus membranes or through a break in the skin.

In 2003, a B.C. resident died of rabies after contracting the bat strain of the virus.

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People are asked to avoid physical contact with bats, dead or alive, and seek immediate medical attention if they are bitten or scratched by a bat.

While rabies can be prevented with a vaccine if given soon after exposure to the virus, immunization is ineffective once symptoms develop.

VCH says in the last year five bats in B.C. tested positive for the disease. One of those bats was found in Vancouver’s Kitsilano area.

The majority of human contact with bats happens between July and September when bats are most active.

Prevention tips:

• Do not touch live or dead bats
• If you know of bats living in a building and would like to learn more about whether you need to or how to safely evict them, see 杭州桑拿按摩论坛杭州夜生活bcbats桑拿按摩.
• Avoid locations or activities where bats are likely to be encountered (e.g. caves)
• If you have a pet dog, cat or ferret, make sure that it is vaccinated regularly against rabies
• Warn children about the risks of exposure to rabies (e.g. not approaching wildlife or handling bats)
• In the Lower Mainland, injured bats can be reported to the Wildlife Rescue Association at 604-526-7275. On the Sunshine Coast, injured bats can be reported to the Gibsons Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre at 604-886-4989.

If you have been bitten or scratched:

• Thoroughly wash the bite or scratch with soap and water, using lots of water to flush the wound
• In the case of handling a bat, wash hands thoroughly
• Seek medical attention right away
• If the bat is still alive and available, have a wildlife expert capture it and contact VCH at 604-675-3900 for testing. If the bat is dead, simply contact VCH.

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Canada imposes new sanctions against Ukrainian entities, Russian firms – National

OTTAWA – The Conservative government has announced further sanctions against Ukrainian rebels and Russian-backed Ukrainian entities.

Eight Ukrainians in leadership positions in the rebel-held Donetsk region of eastern Ukraine are the targets of the new sanctions, as are armed separatist groups known as the Donetsk People’s Republic and the Luhansk People’s Republic.

Russian arms, financial and energy companies are also facing further Canadian sanctions.

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Prime Minister Stephen Harper pointed to the downing of a Malaysian Airlines passenger jet last week over rebel-held territory in eastern Ukraine as proof that Vladimir Putin’s continued support of the rebels “constitutes a very real threat to international peace and security.”

In a statement on Thursday, Harper accused the two separatist groups of engaging “in egregious acts against the armed forces of Ukraine, international monitors deployed to the area, and the civilian population” with direct support from Russia.

“Canada remains committed to working with our allies and partners in the international community to preserve and promote a free, democratic and peaceful world,” he added.

“We are ready for further actions if the Putin regime’s military aggression continues.”

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Nonetheless, Canadian sanctions against Russia appear to be affecting Canadian companies too.

Canada’s Bombardier Inc. says the Canadian sanctions already imposed on Russia could have an impact on the timeline of the company’s plans to set up a plant in the country.

The Montreal-based giant was hoping to conclude negotiations this year with Russian company Rostec for the assembly of 100 Q400 regional jets in a project estimated at $3.4 billion.

Company spokeswoman Marianella Delabarrera said this week that Bombardier is now being “realistic” about the possibility the project will be ready later than originally expected.

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Iconic view of Mahone Bay could change with new cell tower – Halifax

HALIFAX – A trademark view in Mahone Bay could soon look very different if a proposed new cell phone tower is erected north of the town.

Bell Mobility wants to replace an existing tower in the midst of three prominent churches that span the waterfront along Mahone Bay. It’s a view that’s a constant focal point for locals and tourists.

The current tower stands 24 metres tall and doesn’t extend past the treeline, but the new one will be 60 metres tall.

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Pat Thomas, a tourist visiting from North Carolina, said the current view is “quite lovely and very peaceful”. Her husband Bill said a taller tower would detract from that.

“I think it would really ruin the view, I wouldn’t be in favour of that at all,” he said.

Mark Lazarak, who is visiting Nova Scotia from Montreal with his family, said the proposed tower would be “devastating” to the view.

“[Now] it’s beautiful, it’s unique, it’s scenic,” he said. “A tower should be put somewhere behind where no one can see it.”

Tim Worthington, who has owned and operated Birdsall-Worthington Pottery in Mahone Bay since 1977, said he can’t imagine taking a picture of the three churches if a large cell phone tower were visible in the background.

“It’s recognized all over Canada and probably North America, so I just can’t believe that that would be a considered,” he said. “It would be like putting a Burger King in from of Mount Rushmore.”

Local business owners like Worthington say the proposed placement of the tower could have an impact on tourism.

“I think the effects of that would be felt over a long period of time,” he said.

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