UPDATE: Driver responsible for hit-and-run death of PoCo teen expected to be sentenced today – BC

UPDATE: Irwin Richard Franz, the driver involved in a hit-and-run that killed 16-year-old Annie Leung, is expected to be sentenced in court today. More to come. 

A Port Coquitlam man has been charged in the hit-and-run death of 16-year-old Annie Leung. On March 18, 2015, he pleaded guilty to failing to remain at the scene of an accident that resulted in the death of another person.

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His case has now been adjourned to April 8, 2015 at 2 p.m to fix a date for sentencing

73-year-old Irwin Richard Franz spoke to Global News reporter Ted Chernecki in July, 2014, and says he confessed to police just days after the accident.

“I was in a haze, just in shock,” says Franz. “I walked down there and said ‘oh my god’ – am I involved in this? I didn’t know for sure, I didn’t know.”

“I walked down, and to see if I could help, and she had all the help she could have, and I heard the ambulance coming, so I just — I just gotta walk away and get my thoughts sorted out,” says Franz.

“I wasn’t even thinking – I don’t remember driving home.”

Leung was crossing the road in the crosswalk with another girl at the corner of Pitt River Road and Mary Hill Road when the accident happened on September 12.

Police said a black pick-up truck, possibly without a canopy, being driven by an older male with graying hair fled the scene after hitting the teenager.

After the incident, investigators say, the driver stopped a short way down the road, got out of his truck, saw what happened, got back in and then drove away. Mounties say there is no way the driver did not know he had hit someone.

In the days following the crash, Coquitlam RCMP released surveillance footage from the scene, asking for public’s help to identify the driver.

Leung’s parents also made an emotional plea for the driver of the truck to come forward.

Cpl. Jamie Chung with Coquitlam RCMP says they reviewed countless hours of surveillance footage and interviewed numerous witnesses before being able to charge Franz.

More than 100 tips from the public have also been received.

WATCH:  Cpl. Jamie Chung with the Coquitlam RCMP announces the charges

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From Saskatoon to On Broadway for Kyle Riabko – Saskatoon

Watch above: Kyle Riabko recalls his roots and performs “Holding My Breath”

SASKATOON – Kyle Riabko has made a big splash in New York City, and he attributes much of his success to growing up in Saskatoon; in fact, his first shows were on the stage at Buds on Broadway.

The talented singer, guitarist, composer and actor said “you don’t try to break out” when speaking of his success.

“You should never have to feel like you must transcend where you come from, you should be where you come from.”

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Holding true to these words, Riabko stopped by Global Saskatoon’s Morning News for an interview and performance of his self-composed “Holding My Breath” ahead of two shows on Friday, July 25 at the Bassment.

“For me it’s a great excuse to see my family and everybody, this is a vacation for me. There’s no place like home,” said Riabko.

“It all started here. I have Saskatoon to thank.”

Before starring on Broadway in both Spring Awakening and Hair, Kyle released a full-length album of original music at the age of 17 and has opened for a wide range of artists, including crooner John Mayer, Maroon 5, Jason Mraz, BB King, Buddy Guy and James Brown.

His most recent project, called “WHAT’S IT ALL ABOUT? Bacharach Reimagined” played off-Broadway in New York City and features Kyle’s arrangements of the music of his idol, Bert Bacharach.

He is currently working on the next steps for the production.

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COMMENTARY: A $5 coin? Say it ain’t so! – Hamilton

There’s no official word from the Canadian Mint, but there are rumours in financial circles that we may be heading toward dumping the $5 bill and replacing it with a $5 coin.

For the record, it’s been 30 years since we ditched the $1 bill in favour of the loonie and about 20 years since the $2 bill was replaced with the toonie.

We’re told that both changes saved the mint lots of money, and maybe that’s true, but enough is enough.

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Another coin to carry around would be a royal pain in the pocket.

Canadians are already lugging around tons of loonies and toonies and quarters and dimes and nickels and adding to that burden could have serious consequences.

Should Canada eliminate the nickel? New study says it will happen within 5 years

Kate Spade may have to reinforce the bottoms of their purses to accommodate the extra weight from Canadian currency, and men, whose pockets are bursting at the seams with the jingle jangle of coins, may have to resort to the re-introduction of the man-purse to carry our currency.

Do we really want to go there?

I didn’t think so.

Call me sentimental, but I like our uniquely Canadian blue money and I hope we keep it that way for a long time to come.

Bill Kelly is the host of Bill Kelly Show on AM 900 CHML and a commentator for Global News.

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Taiwan plane crash survivor crawls out, phones dad – National

XIXI, Taiwan – The 10 survivors of Taiwan’s worst air disaster in more than a decade include a 34-year-old woman who called her father after scrambling from the wreckage and seeking help at a nearby home.

Hung Yu-ting escaped through a hole in the fuselage that opened up after the plane plowed into homes Wednesday while attempting to land on the outlying resort island of Penghu, killing 48 people.

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“She called me on the phone to say the plane had crashed and exploded but that she had already crawled out and I should come right away to get her,” said Hung’s father, Hung Chang-ming, who lives just a few hundred meters (yards) from the crash site.

Hung rushed to the scene, but his daughter had already been taken away by rescuers.

READ MORE: Plane crashes while landing in Taiwan, killing 48

“When I was halfway there the fire was still really big, but it was smaller when I arrived on the scene,” Hung told reporters. “There were two other injured outside and the first ambulance had already taken away three, including my daughter.”

Hung Chang-ming joined rescuers and other residents in putting out the fire and rescuing other survivors before going to the hospital to check on his daughter.

Hung Yu-ting was recovering Friday from burns to her arms, legs and back suffered during her escape. The condition of the other survivors wasn’t immediately known.

Other relatives weren’t so luckly, some recalling the last phone conversations with their loved ones.

Shu Chi-tse said he had spoken to his son, Shu Chong-tai, just before the flight left the southern city of Kaohsiung on Taiwan’s main island for a short ride west across the Taiwan Strait.

“He is a good boy. He cares for me and his mom. He loves his grandma a lot,” Shu said.

Among the dead were all four members of the flight crew, a family of six and a family of four. They included several children, like 9-year-old Ho Po-yu, who was returning home to Penghu with his mother after attending a summer camp for young choral singers.

READ MORE: Taiwan authorities search plane wreckage for clues on crash

Stormy weather and low visibility are thought to have been factors in the crash of the twin propeller ATR-72 operated by TransAsia Airways.

The investigation is expected to focus on a four-minute gap between the pilot’s request for a second approach and the plane’s crashing into village homes at 7:10 p.m., during which visibility dropped by half.

One of the questions is why did the pilots decide to proceed with the flight despite rough weather on the heels of a typhoon that had forced the cancellation of about 200 flights earlier in the day. However, aviation authorities said conditions were safe for flying and two other planes had landed at Penghu that day prior to the crash.

The mother of one of the victims screamed at TransAsia Chairman Vincent Lin when he arrived to pay respects at the funeral hall Friday.

Lin kneeled down, bowed to the woman and apologized.

“Give me back my son, he is only 27 years old . He is still young, but now he is lying there at the morgue. I want my son back,” she cried.

“This is an unpredictable tragedy. The priority for us is to assist victims’ relatives,” Lin later told reporters as Buddhist monks conducted rituals for the dead.

Local media reported Friday that the plane’s cockpit voice recorder and flight data recorder had been sent to the main island of Taiwan for analysis. One of the devices was damaged in the crash and ensuing fire, and it wasn’t immediately clear when results of the investigation would be made public.

The TransAsia crash was Taiwan’s first deadly civil aviation accident since 2002, when a China Airlines plane went down shortly after takeoff, killing 225.

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Teen who swam across Lake Ontario for charity takes on Lake Erie

ERIE, Pa. – A teen girl believed to be the youngest to swim across Lake Ontario two years ago is now taking on an even bigger challenge: a marathon swim across Lake Erie.

Annaleise Carr started the 75-kilometre trek – one and a half times her last feat – early this morning at Presque Ile State Park in Erie, Penn.

The record-breaking swim, a fundraiser to send kids with cancer to camp, will end in Port Dover, Ont., and is estimated to take about 30 hours.

Members of Carr’s support team say they’re hoping for good weather since poor conditions could seriously hinder her efforts.

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The start time has already been moved up in an attempt to avoid possible thunderstorms Saturday afternoon.

Her team says the 16-year-old has been swimming six to eight hours a day to prepare.

They say she is feeling confident and can’t wait to get started.

“She’s such a calm girl. Before her last swim, she was just as calm before she went into Lake Ontario,” said Mark Ghesquiere, a physician who will follow her during the swim.

“Now she’s two years older, more mature, she’s better trained than she was then because she’s got that much more strength to her, so I think even though it’s a longer swim, if anything, she’s going to do very well.”

Carr’s 2012 swim raised $115,000 for Camp Trillium.

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Halifax widower uses photography to remember wife, fundraise for ovarian cancer – Halifax

HALIFAX – A Halifax man is raising money for Ovarian Cancer Canada using the moving power of photography.

Colin Campbell, 67, lost his wife Lynn Crosby two years ago to the deadly disease.

Crosby, a family doctor, discovered she had ovarian cancer after a routine ultrasound detected the tumour. She died two months after she was diagnosed.

“Lynn was an amazing woman. She loved me dearly, and I her,” Campbell said.

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“It was a terribly traumatic time. Words cannot describe the pain that we went through.”

For a few months after her passing, Campbell, an avid photographer, found it hard to pick up his camera. But a trip to New Mexico with some photography friends got his creative juices going.

Soon he got the idea to put together a photography exhibit called The Topography of Wonder, with all proceeds going towards Ovarian Cancer Canada.

Campbell describes Crosby as funny, adventurous and a nature lover, which is why all the pictures in the exhibit are in the outdoors.

The photographs, some of which Campbell took with his wife by his side and others after her passing, are captured in places as far away as Iceland, France and Italy and as close as Cape Breton and Shubenacadie.

Some of the scenes captured by Campbell show breathtaking mountainsides, gushing geysers and beautiful rock formations.

“We loved being out in nature. We loved to travel. We loved to discover new things. We had a lot of excitement when we saw interesting and beautiful things,” he said.

“The kings of things that fascinated Lynn – interesting lines, textures and patterns – those are the things I’m trying to convey.”

Campbell wants his photos to spread the sense of awe he and his late wife had about the world around them.

“We were just fascinated by the mystery of everything. We were just awed by natural forms.”

Emilie Chiasson, regional director for Ovarian Cancer Canada, said about 300 women in Atlantic Canada are diagnosed with ovarian cancer every year. Unfortunately three-quarters of those diagnosed will die from the disease.

Chiasson said there is no screening test for women, which means women sometimes do not find out they have cancer until it is too late.

“When Colin donates his money to us, a large portion of that gets directed towards research, which is so important because there isn’t a screening test. We need to fund research because otherwise ovarian cancer doesn’t really get much attention in the big scale of things,” she said.

Campbell wants people to look at his pictures and get a glimpse into their souls, and with each snapshot, he is baring his.

“I think she would be very proud of what I’m doing. I know she would love my photography.”

So far the exhibit has raised more than $7,500.

The Topography of Wonder runs at ViewPoint Gallery in downtown Halifax until August 3.

For more information on Campbell’s work, click here: 杭州桑拿按摩论坛wonderscapes桑拿按摩/

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Ford Fest party takes place in Scarborough park tonight – Toronto

TORONTO – A city park is to be inundated with followers of Rob Ford tonight for the Toronto mayor’s scheduled “Ford Fest” bash.

But unlike previous editions, the 19th anniversary of the party won’t feature any alcohol, as the province turned down the organizers’ application for a liquor licence.

However, Ford has insisted those who come to his barbecue will still have a good time.

READ MORE: City bombarded with complaints about Ford Fest

City officials approved a permit for the festival in an east-end park despite concerns the party would effectively be a campaign event and flout municipal rules about politicking in public parks.

A Toronto spokeswoman has said the mayor’s office has been warned there can be no campaigning at Ford Fest.

Toronto voters go to the polls Oct. 27 and Ford has vowed to remain in the race, saying it would help his recovery to stay on as mayor.

Councillor says Ford Fest permit should be reviewed


Councillor says Ford Fest permit should be reviewed


City bureaucrats give Ford Fest green light


Ford Fest invitations have been sent, but no permit issued

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  • City bombarded with complaints about Ford Fest

  • City bureaucrats give Ford Fest green light, but liquor licence denied

  • Ford Fest invitations have been sent, but no permit issued

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